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Is Coaching For Me?

We work with women like you who are longing to make changes in order to deepen their contribution in the world. The challenging questions they face are juicy:

  1. How can my passions turn into real, concrete work that is perfect for me?
  2. Can the rest of my life—my family, my finances, my health—support me to play a bigger game, instead of slow me down?
  3. Why do I feel burnout when I know this is my life’s calling?
  4. Will I ever enjoy change-making work as much as I thought I would

We know that the obstacles you face everyday are intense. Most often, they result from getting mired down in the daily grind and have little to do with your passion for change. Tisha Pletcher of Renewall Coaching will support you to address these factors with gusto which will ultimately lead to greater joy, meaningful work, and a life that feels authentic.

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Your Coaching Journey

If you are interested in coaching, we can begin with a complimentary session in which you experience firsthand what coaching is like. We will meet for 30 minutes by phone for you to explore what you want more of in your life, what dreams are on the horizon, and what questions are lingering. You will walk away with an immediate action plan or perhaps a new outlook on where you are in your life.

If you decide to work with me after this free session, we will design our coaching partnership to suit your needs (e.g. identify areas you want to work on in coaching, clarify coach-client agreements, and cover logistics on when and how we will meet).

After we have laid this foundation, we will dive in with regularly scheduled coaching sessions—generally, three 40-minute coaching calls per month. You will use this time to explore where you are in relation to your goal, identify roadblocks, share successes, and notice revelations. I will ask deep questions, check in on your progress, and guide the self-discovery process. You will identify what you want to do before our next session. These assignments will support you to continue the momentum gained from our inquiry together.

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Coaching Just for You

Coaching is a personal process—and a partnership. We will always create a unique, authentic coaching package based on what you most need.

Renew for Change Coaching Package—this is a completely tailored program designed to help you in making the changes necessary for you to flourish. Our one-on-one coaching sessions will focus on articulating your personal needs, assessing your self-care, identifying challenges and needed support, designing goals and taking authentic action aligned with the lifestyle of your dreams!

Renew Your Work Coaching Package—this program supports you in claiming what you most desire for your work. If you are ready to articulate a bold new vision or implement an innovative project, this package is for you! We will explore your strengths and talents, create a vision for your work (with creative assignments such as vision boards and play dates…hmm!), brainstorm innovative solutions, and step into action.

Coaching packages costs $300 per month and include

  • Three 40 minute one-on-one coaching sessions by phone
  • Personalized weekly assignments to take with you
    between coaching sessions
  • Inquiry questions to deepen your self-discovery
  • Forms, questionnaires, and other assessments
    as needed for you to grow
  • Unlimited email support between sessions

Spot Coaching— If you need support to get unstuck in a particular area, consider a spot coaching session. This option is one 40 minute coaching session by phone (limited to two sessions per year for new clients). We will focus in on your topic, consider ways to get you moving, and finish with an action plan for you to set in motion. The investment for each session is $90.

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Coaching for Your Organization

Combining techniques of coaching inquiry, experiential exercises and group facilitation, we'll create a unique experience for your staff or team.

Some examples of past packages include:

  • Monthly coaching sessions for front-line staff
  • A teleclass series on vicarious trauma and ways to care for ourselves
  • A group coaching series by phone for advocates statewide to connect and to receive individual support
  • A specially designed retreat day for outreach advocates to share information, learn new skills, and practice self-care
  • A goal-setting workshop with a creative twist for a nonprofit training team
  • A “Red Tent” day for staff to pause, connect and get in touch with their creative outlets—not to mention, to receive a fabulous chair massage!
  • Customized workshops for statewide conferences on topics such as vicarious trauma, heart-based advocacy, staff development, and authentic self-care
  • An interactive team-building session for a nonprofit’s administrative team
  • Customized quarterly retreats for staff, for board members, or statewide teams

We can create any type of structure — a single event or ongoing services. Sessions can occur anywhere, such as at an office, an off-site retreat center or other gathering place; they can be coordinated around meals or other activities. Let’s get creative together! Contact me for pricing and to create a unique package for your group's needs.

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What clients have had to say:

Working with Tisha has been so insightful…just peeling back layers to myself. The changes in my life since having the experience of a life coach have made me a better woman, wife, and mother. Every person in my life has benefited from the work I have done and continue to do. I would encourage everyone to sign up! You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. What better way to do this work than to start taking care of YOURSELF!”
-K., Legal Advocate

Life coaching has been a great opportunity to talk about my fears, dreams and work and to work through ways to put my plans into motion. Life coaching has also helped me discover what my personal self care needs to look like to successfully do this work and keep doing this work.”
-A., Family Advocate

“I have had the pleasure of working with [Tisha] for three weeks and already have a sense of control and balance in my personal and professional life. This process has opened a dialogue within me that I was unable to articulate before…Thanks Tisha!
-D., Assistant Director

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